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Key Features

BLUSKY Wired Optical Probes are separated from their competitors with some obvious features. The most basic features that distinguish our products from their competitors are:

  • Thanks to the quality sensors and correctly selected gain values, it can work with all the meters that match the standards. You will not use different optical probes for each brand
  • Presents low loss rates thanks to custom cables
  • You can track the whole process with the communication LEDs on it
  • Thanks to its powerful magnet, it integrates seamlessly with all electricity meters
  • Compatible with all operating systems and plug-and-play
  • They are not affected by daylight
  • Works smoothly even at angular losses between Optical Port and Meter Sensor
  • Some models with hard working conditions use ultrasonic welding technique and scratch-free surface
  • Due to its convenient dimensions, it can be easily used in all working environments.

Usage Areas

  • Used to read the index and load profile values of IEC62056-21 and ANSI C12.18 Type2 standard electricity meters by Computer
  • Used to read electricity meters with Handheld Terminals
  • Used for closely reading of electricity meters with Smart Phones and Tablets
  • Creates an interface for remotely reading electricity meters that not have a communication port
  • It is used to make settings of the electricity meters with appropriate softwares
  • Used for measuring, testing and calibration on Electricity Meter Test Tables


All type of BLUSKY optical probes are manufactured according to the IEC62056-21 and ANSI C12.18 Type 2 standards and they are compatible with all brand and type of meters. It has been successfully tested more than 50 types of meters from more than 25 different brands. Our products are exported more than 60 countries including Italy, Spain, UK, Finland, Malaysia, UAE, USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, Portugal, South Africa and many others. Various types of optical probes are available according to the customer needs.According to the project, special optical probes can be produced according to the desired characteristics.

You can also use our optical ports with our production GSM / GPRS Modems and Serial Device Servers. With our Cloud Based Energy Management Software GRIDMASTER you can start to read your meters closely or remotely and create detailed reports. For details, you can visit our Solutions page.