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Aktif Enerji Ltd.Co. is an industry leading Design & Production company whose professional fields are developing energy management and process of metering energy. Aktif Enerji Ltd.Co. together with its employees and 22 year experience aims to improve sector quality by producing innovative technologies and decrease dependence of imported products. Following the company's vision, Aktif Enerji Ltd.Co. aims to increase the exportation instead of importation in order to increase its contribution on national economy. With an R&D team, Aktif Enerji Ltd.Co. continues to develop and manufacture innovative products correspond to today’s world witnessing major changes. During the company history, Aktif Enerji Ltd.Co. has enabled great opportunities to its employees to come together and create new ideas, technologies in order to be ready for all situations in today’s world. By sharing all innovations with industry, Aktif Enerji Ltd.Co. has believed that imported sector could turned into self-sufficient and exported sector by educating and training new employees and young engineer from beginning to end. The underlying our company believes absolutely comes from reliance for young engineers and candidate engineers.  Addressing university and the other academic institutions, our company supports development of young people and all educational fairs organized by both university and industry about preparing them for business life .All these kind of investments, supports and promotions are undertaken by our company as one of the our main duties and Aktif Enerji will maintain its approach to young people during its existence.

Amsterdam Fuar

Our Mission

Produce the necessary software and hardware materials in international standards and to realize field applications of the products we produce regarding to Auto Meter Reading Systems (AMI / AMR ), Smart Grids, Industrial Communication and Internet of Things (IoT) . Promoting and selling our BLUSKY brand products worldwide and establishing dealers and service networks at different points of the world. In this context, international training and field working to increase the awareness of our products worldwide.

Our Vision

To produce the products that are needed for Smart Grids in international standards, to make preferred these products into domestic and abroad, to become a reliable and well known brand in the field with its high quality and service understanding. For the needs of today and tomorrow we offer our customers permanent and developable products.