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Key Features

All of our Radio Modems can be produce with 9V-36VDC , 85-265VAC power supply options. We also have battery powered models. Despite ISM Band usage, large sized data can be transmitted without problems with our protocol developed specifically for our radio modems. You can communicate with many Radio Modems at the same time, even if a single channel is used . They works perfectly in AMI/AMR projects thanks to IEC62056-21, DLMS / COSEM and MODBUS support. Presents to 35 mm DIN RAY and screw mounting options. The plastic housings with modern design are in UL94 V0 fireproof class. You can follow all phases of the process with many status leds.  You can update the firmware remotely or closely and perform the configuration change. Our modems passed all the tests and has been certified. Our modems offer remote control with digital inputs and relay outputs. Thanks to 2 x RS485 ports, you can communicate with devices at different communication speeds.

Usage Areas

  • Sensor Monitoring and Endpoint Control Projects
  • Remote Meter Reading and Automation Projects
  • Water Tank and Pump Control
  • Electric Distribution Companies and Organized Industrial Zones AMR * Projects
  • Energy Monitoring Projects in Factory and Facility
  • Shopping Center Meter Automation Projects
  • Waste Water Management Projects
  • Urban Lighting Projects
  • Solar and Wind Power Plants Monitoring and Control Projects
  • Hydroelectric Power Plants Energy Monitoring Projects
  • Meteorological Measurement Points Monitoring and Control Projects
  • Agricultural Irrigation, Production and Monitoring Projects
  • Greenhouse Automation Projects
  • Residential Electricity, Water, Heat and Natural Gas Tracking and Billing Projects
  • Car Parking Management Systems
  • Smart City Projects

* AMR : Automatic Meter Reading System