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Key Features

BLUSKY Wireless Optical Probes are distinguished from their competitors with distinctive features. The most basic features that distinguish our products from their competitors are:

  • Thanks to its convenient dimensions, it is easy to carry and can be easily used in each panel
  • Provides automatic lighting in the panel with hand-light feature
  • Compatible with different meter reading software thanks to Virtual Communication Port support
  • It does not require any integration for different software
  • It is compatible with different brands meters and protocols and can make automatic meter recognition when requested
  • With the keys on it you can make the desired settings, you can start the meter reading process
  • Intelligent Bluetooth Optical Probes can read data of meters with one key without any smart device and can store data on optical probe
  • Thanks to sturdy plastic enclosure and silicone protects against to falling from High
  • Thanks to the quality sensor and correctly selected gain values, it can work with all the meters that match the standards.
  • You will not use different optical probes for each brand of meters
  • You can track the all process with the leds on it
  • Thanks to powerful magnet, it integrates seamlessly with all meters
  • They are not affected by daylight
  • Works smoothly even at angular losses between Optical Probe and Meter Sensor

Usage Areas

  • It is used to read the index and load profile values of IEC62056-21 standard electricity meters by computer
  • Used to read electricity meters with Handheld Terminal
  • Used for localy reading of electricity meters with Smart Phones and Tablets
  • Creates an interface for remotely reading meters that do not have a communication port
  • It is used to make settings of the electricity meters with appropriate software
  • Used for measuring, testing and calibration in Meter Test Laboratories
  • Used in prepayment systems
  • Used in meter reading applications in Shopping Centers
  • Used in individual energy monitoring solutions


BLUSKY wireless optical probes are manufactured according to IEC62056-21 standard. It has been successfully tested with more than 50 models of more than 25 brands. Our wireless optical probes support Bluetooth 2.1+EDR for now. We are still working on Low Energy BT and WiFi supported products. Our products can be used with handheld terminal, mobile phones, tablets and laptop computers easily. Thanks to its virtual port and IEC62056-21 Mode C support, it can work well with all meter reading softwares. You can use our products without any software integration. Transparent and Smart typed probes recognize different brand and model meters and it can read meters for you with commands coming from you or smart meter reading system included.