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Key Features

  • Din rail and screw mounting options at the same time.
  • It is suitable to the specification of EMRA.
  • Protect your connection points with sealable terminal cover.
  • It can provides 2xRS485 and 1 RS232 communication ports at the same time.
  • Up to 64 Meters / Device can be connect to the same modem.
  • Thanks to modular design you can upgrade to 4G or higher technology
  • Multi Socket structure allows all ports to be use at the same time
  • You can track all processes with 11 different status LEDs.
  • You can update the modem Remotely (TCP) or Localy (USB).
  • You can provide time-dependent controls with the Real Time Clock .
  • Thanks to Super Capacitor, you will immediately notice the energy interruptions.
  • Provides remote control with 3 Inputs and 2 Relay Outputs
  • It can run in both Server and Client mode.
  • You can make IP Restrictions
  • You can make Encryption and Data Compression.
  • It has a wide range power supply (50-465VAC)

Usage Areas

  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Meter Automation Projects
  • Electricity Distribution Companies' AMI/AMR * Projects
  • Organized Industrial Zones' AMI/AMR * Projects
  • Energy Monitoring Projects of Factories
  • Shopping Centers' AMI/AMR * Projects
  • Free Consumer consumption tracking and billing projects
  • Cloud-Based Individual Energy Monitoring Solutions (with Gridmaster Energy Management Software)
  • Compensation Tracking Projects
  • Waste Water Management Projects
  • Lighting Management Projects
  • Solar Power Plant Monitoring and Control Projects
  • Wind Power Plants Monitoring and Control Projects
  • Natural Gas Stations Monitoring and Control Projects
  • Meteorological Monitoring and Control Projects
  • Agricultural Irrigation and Monitoring Projects
  • Electricity, Water, Heat and Natural Gas Tracking and Billing Projects on Public Housing
  • Prepayment Systems


* AMI/AMR: Advanced Metering Infrastructure / Automatic Meter Reading System


It designed for use in Smart Grids. This is a 3G modem compatible to difficult field conditions (6-8kV impulse resistance) and has wide range power supply (50-465VAC). These products prefer in places without 2G infrastructure. Our modems can be preferred to be use in different areas of the industry with their superior properties. IEC 62056-21, DLMS / COSEM, MODBUS RTU are some of the standards supported. You can remotely monitor and control electricity, water, wastewater and natural gas meters, energy analyzers, compensation relays, various sensors, meteorological measuring devices with our modems. Modems support DIN rail and screw mounting in the same time. Sealable terminal cover with screw prevents unwanted interventions. You can buy our modems with 9-36VDC or 50-465VAC power supply options.

There are models that you can buy with Smart Communication Option. With this option, modem establish a connection to the electricity meters and other devices, the necessary reading process and share data with the server. Modems can be use in Server or Client mode. In addition to reading the meters, it can also be use for control and instantaneous event information with input-output units on the modem. You can update the firmware and config all settings of the modem closely or remotely. You can logging records on some models. In this way, detailed problem analysis can be done and a much faster solution can be produced. Also you can track all the processes with 11 LEDs on our products.