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                     BSC1141     IEC62056-21 STANDARD             COMPATIBLE USB OPTICAL PROBE

 USB 2.0 or USB 1.1  &  Type A Socket

3 mt. Cable Length

N36 Magnet

Compatible with all IEC Standart Meters

32 mm. Diameter  &  29,5 mm. Height

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Key Features

The key features of our products that make a difference to competitors are these.

  • It works smoothly with ideally magnet structure
  • It can communicate with almost all of the meters according to the standard that it supports
  • In this way you will use the same optical port for different brand meters
  • It has sensors structure that is non affected by daylight
  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • Available with Smartphone, Handheld Terminal and Computer
  • No needs integration studies for wireless optical ports
  • Durable and quality plastic enclosure is used
  • 3 mt. special cable to comfortable to use

Usage Areas

It can be used in all applications that include smart electricity meter. Its main uses are as follows;

  • The process of index reading in Electricity Distribution Companies
  • Remote reading of meters without communication port
  • On prepayment systems
  • Organized Industrial Zone electricity consumption billing studies
  • Buildings and corparate housing management electricity consumption billing
  • In Compensation Systems
  • Backup meter readings of sealed meter
  • Monitoring of Unlicensed Solar Power Plant meters
  • Electricity consumption billing in the shopping center
  • Meters reading solutions in factory
  • Can be used in individual electricity consumption monitoring


Our optical probes are specially manufactured products for electricity meters. It is important to preventing human-induced mistakes in reading meters with eyes. There are wired and wireless models conforming to IEC 62056-21 and ANSI C12.18 Type 2 standards. The optical ports with the N36 - N38 magnet integrate perfectly with the optical sensors of the electricity meters. Thanks to its structure which is non affected by daylight, it provides healthy reading in all environments. Our products, which have passed the detailed tests, perform perfect works with almost all of the meters according to the relevant standards. Our wired optical ports can be used with any type of smartphone, handheld terminal and computer with convenient converters. Drivers for different operating systems are available on our website. While our wired optical ports use RS232 and USB infrastructure, our wireless optical ports use Bluetooth 2.1+EDR. Our wireless optical ports operate in transparent and smart mode. They can be used seamlessly without any integration with all software.